Girl with a Red Shawl

Girl with a Red Shawl

Alexei Harlamoff was a Russian painter who lived from 1840 until 1925. He painted many portraits of young girls similar to this one. Girl with a Red Shawl is painted in oil on canvas and measures 18 3/4 x 14 3/4 inches.
I love to study old paintings in close -up to see how painters worked and what type of techniques they employed.

Girl with Red Shawl Ear Detail

One thing I noticed right away was that Harlamoff seemed to use very little paint. If you look closely the canvas weave shines through. Rather than blending everything he seemed to have added small dabs of different color as can be best seen in the ear.

Girl With Red Shawl Eye Detail

The eye has not one strong line and there are absolutely no eyelashes. The lashes are only hinted at by the use of a stronger brown tone on the more dominant (our left side) eye.

Girl with Red Shawl Nose and Mouth Detail

I love the softness of the nose and lips. He seems to say so much with so little. The nose is mainly defined by it's strong shadow and it's rather demur highlight. The flesh around the upper and lower lip are but an extension to a color shift that defines the lips.Again a very strong dark shadow below the lower lip makes it seem to come forward.

Girl with Red Shawl Shawl Detail

A symphony of bold brush strokes. Again the canvas is allowed to shine through. Overall I do not think that he used an under painting and my guess that this painting was painted rather quickly with little or no touch ups later on. Truly a master touch at work, don't you think?!

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