Artist: Enzie Shahmiri
Title: Lemons
Medium: Oil on Panel
Size: 9x12 inches
The painting has sold but paper and canvas prints can be purchased here

Right before the revolution broke out in Iran, my mom decided it would be safer to send me back to Germany to live with my grandma until things settled down again. Little did we know at the time, that she would follow a couple of months later never to return back again. The resent unrests and reports of people fleeing their homes to find refuge in neighboring countries reminded me of our own hastily departure.

When I painted "Lemons" I wanted to incorporate something Persian and my eyes fell on this little pitcher, decorated in a vary Persian motive. We too had to leave a lot of friends and our possessions behind and for years we would mention a name or look for an item, just to remember that it was left behind.

The pitcher is a reminder of things left behind and the lemons resonate with the quote:

" When Life gives you Lemons ~ make Lemonade!"

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