Drying Oils

There are 7 different drying oils, which generally speaking differ in viscosity, color and of course drying time. I found this video very useful, but am writing everything down for future reference, since videos sometimes get removed. All of these are made by Winsor and Newton. So here it goes:

1. Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

Closest linseed oil to what the old masters would have used.

Slight yellow oil - for clean whites use bleached linseed oil or poppy oil

Reduces consistency - improves the flow of paint- increases gloss - increases transparancy - reduces brush stroke marks

Dries slightly quicker than refined linseed oil

2. Bleached Linseed Oil

A substitute for sun bleached linseed oil

A refined pale oil

Slightly more viscosity than cold pressed linseed oil - improves the flow and transparency of colors

Dries slightly faster than refined linseed oil, but slower than thickened linseed oil

Slightly paler and thinner than thickened linseed oil - better for use with whites and very pale colors, where any sort of yellowing is to be avoided.

3. Thickened Linseed Oil

Modern equivalent to sun thickened linseed oil

More syrupy - more viscus in feel -

Speeds up drying time even more than bleached linseed oil

This oil behaves like a linseed stand oil, but it dries quicker and darker

4. Drying Linseed Oil

The fastest drying oil out of the seven mentioned

It's a mix of linseed oil with a traditional dryer

It also improves the gloss

5. Refined Linseed Oil

The most popular oil and the purest form of linseed oil

Has the same qualities as Cold Pressed Linseed oil

Its much paler, but slower drying

Reduces oil color consistency - increases gloss - increases transparency

A good all range oil for day to day use

6. Linseed Stand Oil

Too thick to be used straight out of the bottle. To make it flow mix 1 to 1 ratio with turps

Slows the drying time

Gives the dries color a tough elastic finish

Great for glazing

great for fine detail work

7. Drying Poppy Oil

Made from poppy seeds with addition of a drying agent

The palest from all the 7 oils

Best suites for whites or pale colors to avoid yellowing of color

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