Living Downstream

Image Courtesy Art Renewal Center

A Bend in the River by Louis Aston Knight (1873-1948)

The movie Living Downstream is based on the book by Sandra Steingraber, Ph. D. , who specializes on the environmental links to cancer. As a scientist, Sandra realized that cancer patients are often unaware what has caused them to get cancer. I originally read about this movie on my friend Janece Moment's Facebook stream and got intrigued.

The movie trailer points out that there are 60 carcinogens in the air we breathe. 66 possible carcinogens in the food we eat and about 40 in the water we drink. Now combine this with the rate of never before seen diseases and mutations observed in the animal kingdom and you can not but wonder how mankind is being affected by all these pollutant. I think this is a movie worth watching and a book worth reading.

Gabriel Metsu, The Sick Child (Rijksmuseum) ca...

Image via Wikipedia Title: The Sick Child by Gabriel Metsu (1629-1669)

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