A Pottery Merchant in Cairo

A Pottery Merchant in Cairo

Artist: Jean Lecomte Du Nouÿ
Title: A Pottery Merchant in Cairo, 1869
Medium: Oil on Panel
Size: 30.5x22.2cm

Jean Lecomte Du Nouÿ frequently depicted men smoking Hashish and also has shown the hallucinatory effects induced by drug use, such as in "the Dream of Cosrou". It is not known if the artist himself used drugs, but morphine, hashish and opium could easily purchased in Europe and was legal until the early twentieth century. Clubs such as the "club of the Hashish Smokers" were often frequented by Parisian artists and writers until the effects of drug use became well to apparent and it's use illegal.

If you like to read more about The Art of Jean Lecomte Du Nouÿ I highly recommend the book 'From Homer to the Harem' published by the Dahesh Museum of Art.

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