Outside the Coffee House

Outside the Coffee House

Artist: Rudolf Weisse
Title: Outside the Coffee House
Medium: Oil

Weisse was born on the banks of the River Elbe. He studied at the Viennese Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, and exhibited in Paris several times between 1889 and 1927. At the Parisian Exposition in 1889, he received the Medaille d’Honneur two paintings "Apres la guerre - scene orientale" (After the war - oriental scene) and "Portrait de femme" (Portrait of a Woman). He won a gold medal in Vienna in 1920. and contiued to exhibit both Egyptian scenery and portrait paintings. The last picture he showed at the Salon was "La Priere a la Mosque, Le Caire" (Prayer in the Mosque, Cairo)

Egyptian Coffee Shops are called "Kahwas".The main item served in a Kahwa is the sheesha or hookah pipe. You will not find any American coffee in a Kahwa, but will be served the traditional black tea and Turkish coffee.

Learn more about Turkish coffee on my Sur La Table Cuisine Blog.

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