Helen Van Wyk VHS and Book Series

Helen Van Wyk VHS

I have collected books and art instruction tapes ever since I started to study art. Needless to say, the collection could be termed huge and totally out of control. I especially love the art instruction tapes, among them the Helen Van Wyk series.

Recently I noticed besides having the collecting bug, I also have the annoying habit of ordering things in multiples. Totally forgot that I already owned this particular tape, which I now will be selling. In this VHS tape titled "Cadmium Yellow, Orange and Red", Helen Van Wyk discusses the properties of color and through a step by step illustration shows how she uses these principles to paint carrots and tomatoes.

The tape is in excellent condition and a wonderful addition to any artist's reference library.

On a personal side note ~ I love watching instructional videos while on the treadmill or exercise bike. It makes exercising go by much faster, because rather than concentrating on every muscle that aches, I concentrate on the technique of the master I am watching. You gotta love multi-tasking!

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