An Eastern Bazaar

Rudolph Ernst

Artist: Believed to be by Rudolf Ernst
Title: An Eastern Bazaar
Signed: lower left R. Ernst
Medium: Oil on canvas stretched on wood
Size: 39 x 32 inches w/o frame (53 x 45 inches including frame)
Date: ca. 1885-1890

This is the correspondence I have received from a very lucky recipient of a beautiful painting:

" My mother left me what appears to be an un-cataloged Ernst when she died a
few years ago. I've had it appraised and cleaned, and my appraiser, a
reputable art dealer in the NYC area, found it to be authentic.

A note from the appraisal:
- Front of painting has been signed "R. Ernst" in lower left corner.
- Black marker on vertical center stretcher bar on back of painting reads:
- Sticker on bottom stretcher bar on back of painting reads: SCH / 253 Z"

I figured I post it in hopes that one of the Orientalist Gallery Blog readers might be able to offer some more information.

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