Georges Clairin

Wonderful Watercolor: A gift from Georges Clairin to Rene Lalique

Inscribed with the artist’s name and the dedication “a mon ami Lalique” (to my friend Lalique)

Watercolor, ca.  12″ by 9″

I was reading an article about a Salon exhibit and came across Georges Jules Victor Clairin( 1843-1919). I found his paintings rather delicate and brilliant in coloring.

File:Georges Jules Victor Clairin (1843-1919), Sarah Bernhardt(1844-1923) in 'Theodora' (1902).jpg
File:Clairin, Georges Jules Victor - The distant Princess - 1899.JPG

The Distant Princess (1899)

in the role of Cleopatra

Pastel 109 x 67cm

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