We Three Kings of Orient Are...

The Three Kings

We three kings of Orients are;

Bearing gifts we traverse afar.

Field and fountain, moor and mountain,

Following yonder star...

O ~ star of wonder,

Star of night,

Star with royal beauty bright

Westward leading, still proceeding,

Guide us to thy perfect light.

Kneeling King

During the reign of King Herod, it was said that a rising star would point to the location where the King of the Jews was to be found. Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, brought the new king gifts of gold, frankincense and myrhh

African King

It is said that in the bible there are only references to the three types of gifts given and no mention made as far as who the wise men where or how they traveled.

The Wise Men

Now these three wise men, bear tea light candles and brighten up a small alcove in my home, greeting visitors as they enter the house.

Song Lyrics by John H. Hopkins, 1857 from The Christmas Card Songbook

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