Frames with Bling

Knick KNacks in Frame

Every once in a while there arises the need for an odd size frame to house a painting in. Rather than having a frame custom built at a local frame shop, I decided to make a frame with some bling.

Plastic Pellets

A local craft store had these trays that were perfect for a 5"x 5" wooden panel and since they were in the wrong color a quick coat of paint did the trick. Some embellishment with shiny beads and attachment of a hook and the frame was finished.

Supplies for Frame with Bling

Here is the Supply list:

1. Hot Glue Gun

2. Tray

3. Paint

4. Beads

5. tiny nails and hook to hang painting

6. hammer

7. brush

I started by nailing the hook to the back. Then I painted the frame a couple of times allowing the paint to dry completely before applying the next coat. After that the beads were glued around the parameter and the frame was done.

Of course this could be used to display a nice candle or some knick knacks as I did here.

Frame with Bling

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