Fall Wreath

Finished Wreath

I have been wanting to make some new wreath for my entry door and ventured out into craft land, otherwise also know as Micheals for some serious supply craft supplies shopping.

Reef Supplies

When one of my friends heard what I was planning, she asked if she could join me and we turned it into a lovely afternoon of crafting over coffee and cookies.

Ladan Making Wreath

In case you like to make your own reef you will need the following items:

Hot-glue gun

1 pound walnuts

1 pound hazel nuts

2 bags of pine cones

any sort of round balls

wide ribbon (ribbon with wire works best)

1 styro foam half wreath (one side is flat)

6 Cinnamon sticks broken into small pieces

1 large piece of wire to hang the reef with

Silver paint (optional for dipping some nuts in paint)

Cones and Stuff

The How ~ To

The idea is to arrange all the items next to each other so it looks pleasing to the eye. Gaps should be avoided by filling them in with smaller items such as pieces of cinnamon sticks. Friends are optional, but make the crafting experience more enjoyable!

1. First loop the wire around the wreath and close ends.

2. Pull wire against the reef and make a circle at top part by twisting the wire around itself.

3. Apply glue to one side of the nuts and pine cones and start gluing them onto the foam wreath.

4. Fill small gaps with the balls of cinnamon sticks

5. Work around in circle until entire reef if filled

6. Cut a long piece of ribbon and thread it around the wire loop

7. Cover the wire loop with ribbon and tie off by making a bow.

8. Find a great spot for your reef, hang it and enjoy!

Reef at Door
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