Isodor Kaufmann

Portrait of a Boy

Isidor Kaufmann, was born in Hungary in 1876. Without any prior formal academic training he studied with a Viennese portrait painter Joseph Matthäus. In 1894 he traveled to Jewish settlements throughout Eastern Europe to capture people in their environment. He would then return to his studio and paint from his sketches.

I came across these paintings by Isador Kaufmann on Art Inconnu and just find them stunningly beautiful.

Portrait of a young boy with peyot
According to Richard Cohen, Kaufmann was "involved in uncovering the inner spirit of the Eastern European Jews on their daily life and pursuits. While evoking both intensity of feeling and devotion, Kaufmann's paintings also show a perceptive appreciation of the human side to ghetto life, portrayed with concern for detail and emotion. Kaufmann addressed themes of everyday life, redolent with compassion and devotion" (Jewish Icons, University of California Press, 1998, p. 173)
Girl with flowers in her hair

Jewish Bride

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