Giulio Rosati (1858-1917)

The Musicians (by Portrait Artist - Enzie<br />Shahmiri)

Artist: Giulio Rosati
Title: The Musicians
Signed lower right
Medium: Watercolor

A little I wrote for Kennedy Publishing

Giulio Rosati (1858-1917)

Giulio Rosati was an Italian Orientalist who specialized in water color paintings. He studied at the Academy of Rome under the tutelage of Dario Querci and Francesco Podesti and the Spanish painter Luis Alvarez Catala. Rosati belonged to a large group of Italian Orientalist painters working in the studios on the Via Margutta in Rome at the end of the nineteenth century.

Ever since travel to the Near East became popular photos and paintings of Near East imagery became highly sought after. This demand was so high that Rosati found clients for his water colors and gouache on paper paintings among British, French and American collectors for his work, although he never actually traveled to any of the places he depicted. Instead he created his characters and settings on photographs that were widely available at the time.

Giulio Rosati was greatly successful and a very prolific painter. His large body of work includes many large scale paintings, rendered in brilliant colors with wonderful attention to detail. He often depicted people as they went about their business. His overture contains many paintings of merchants, as they interact with others to sell their wares. He aimed to depict customs and arte facts and personally collected Middle-Eastern objects which he used to embellish his compositions with.
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