Easter Eggs With Bling

Egg With Bling Craft Project

With Easter fast approaching I have been searching for ways to change the Easter decor to a more muted, but classy looking style. So I headed to the art room/craft storage room in the garage and dug around the beading section.

Egg with Bling Front View

I found these lovely beads and dare I say ventured into gluing. Yes, there were problems with me getting beads stuck to my fingers, but overall it was a fun project.

Egg with Bling Craft Project

First I made two holes in an egg and blew the egg and egg yolk out. After a good rinse and drying of the egg I found a small jar to prop it up for easy handling. Then it was a matter of just gluing each bead on the egg. To finish it off I used a very long needle and threaded some ribbon through both holes. With a knot at each end the decorated Easter egg was ready to be hung.

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Egg with Bling Craft Project
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