Moulding Crafts


My decorating style is falls into the category of Empire style, which is the elaborate Neoclassical style of the Napoleon's French First Empire (1804-1815). Roman-inspired symbols, furniture and decorative items as well of some touches of Asian/Middle Eastern goodies are sprinkled throughout.

While I had to stop somewhere, bringing craftsman from France or better yet Italy was out of the question, although it did cross my mind, I resorted to finding solutions to spruce up the shell of the house to fit the furniture.

This lead to my introduction to molding pieces and off I went transforming a Ranch Style house into a French inspired chateau. Well, that's at least what the goal was!


When I discovered the desk top accessories in an old magazine, I decided to let you in on my decorating secrets.


To embellish smaller items follow these instructions:


Molding Ornament

Oil based color



Splatter Screen



Wood Glue

1. Prime your ornament and paint with oil based paint any color you desire and let dry completely.

2. Using a splatter screen from the kitchen, place it over a pot of boiling water.

3. Place one ornament at a time on the screen until it becomes soft and pliable.

4. Using a metal spatula gently lift the soft ornament off the splatter screen and carefully bend it over desired surface. Id breaks off don't worry you can later glue it on.

5. Hold in place until ornament takes the shape of the surface it is being applied on.

6. Using wood glue, glue ornament in place. On larger pieces you might use nails.

7. Touch up cracks with paint.

Below is my guest bathroom window. Originally it had clear glass and a white frame around it. Thanks to it's location, guests could peek in if you failed to answer the door bell fast enough. A rather stupid location for a potty window. So I frosted the existing glass and created an old style bathroom window. And yes, the bathroom walls were painted by me as well with real oil paints.

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