Vermeer’s A Lady Writing

A lady a writing


Norton Simon Museum

in Pasadena has a little treasure on loan until February 2, 2009. A rare opportunity to see Vermeer’s "A Lady Writing", is on loan from the National Gallery in Washington. A characteristic example of Vermeer's mastery of paint and light, I had to see it for myself and made a museum visit with members of my Socialite group.

A Lady Writing, created sometime in the mid-1660s is oil on canvas and rather small, measuring (17 3/4 x 15 3/4 in. (45 x 39.9 cm.)). I depicts a woman poised to write, but gazing out at the viewer instead.

Vermeer: Master of Light-compilation

As I was looking at the painting, squinting and inspecting, I marveled at Vermeer's technical skills, but could not wonder exactly why this painting was so special. Then it hit me! We, the viewing audience have entered her room and caught her in the middle of writing something. There are pearls next to her letter, did she receive a gift from an admirer? Is she responding with her own love letter perhaps?!


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A great resource for all of Vermeer's painting is the web site

Essential Vermeer

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