Max und Moritz

Max und Moritz Buch

I have been remembering some of the things that my grandma introduced me to and Max und Moritz by Wilhelm Bush came to mind. These two characters were always getting themselves into trouble and the book follows all the tricks they would employ on their non suspecting victims, until finally ... - well you just have to read the book...

max und moritz

I used to be a real tomboy and must have reminded my grandma somehow of Max with my chubby face and dark hair, as I used to get into trouble here and there.

Max un Moritz CHaracter

Yes, there were many "well, one does not do such things!"...


...and one surely does not want to look like this!? ...

Ahh... all the many, many lessons learned from grandma. As I once used to frown and make faces behind her back, now I will fondly remember her wisdom and hopefully pass them on one day!

There is a lovely translation of this old time classic


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