Joe Pogan Sculptures

Joe Pogan

is a sculpture who creates unusual little critters made entirely from various found metal objects such as nuts, bolts, nails,screws and even coin or two.I am a big fan of his little birds, where he has used the ornate handles of silver ware to create the wings with.

I asked Joe how he got started with these sculptures and this is what he had to say:

"I've been a tig welder (tungsten inert gas) since 1974. I bought a tig welding machine for my shop in 1994. I've always had a bit of an artistic way about me ( drawing with pencil mainly) and thought of as a hobby to try to make some kind of sculpture with the new machine. I tried a few different things and then with some old junk laying around my shop, I made a pig. It didn't look much like a pig so I got a picture and took measurements and tried again. This time it looked like a pig and I had fun making it. That's how I got started. When someone suggested (in 1996) I try selling them at an art festival, I made a few smaller pig sculptures (about the size of a piggy bank) and those are what sold. I was hooked from then on and have been enjoying it ever since. A short history of how I got started. ~ Joe Pogan"

All Images used with permission by Joe Pogan

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