The Lure of the East at the Tate Gallery

Sir Robert Shirley, Envoy from Shah 'Abbas of Persia to the Courts of Europe, before 1628

June 4 through August31st the Tate Gallery in Britain will be featuring the Work of British Orientalist painters.

James Sant, Captain Colin Mackenzie, c1842

It will bring together over 120 paintings, prints and drawings of bazaars, public baths, domestic interiors and religious sites, and all the major genres, themes and preoccupations of Orientalism in British art will be considered. Several exceptional and rarely seen paintings by John Frederick Lewis, Edward Lear, David Wilkie, Richard Dadd, Lord Leighton, and William Holman Hunt, will be shown, as well as significant works by many less familiar names.

Henry William Pickersgill, James Silk Buckingham and his Wife Elizabeth in Arab Costume, Baghdad, 1825
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