Robert Wade (1930-present)

Discussion in the Souk

Robert Wade is an Australian born artist with an international reputation for his beautiful watercolor paintings. When I came across his work, I immediately fell in love not only with the subject matter, but the airy feel he captures in his work. When I asked him to elaborate about his work he said the following:

"I have a great fascination for the East as far as painting subjects go, I have produced many works of India, Nepal, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and of course Morocco. I don't think that I chose these particular subjects to paint, I believe rather that they chose me! It seemed that everywhere I went there was a wonderful subject to paint right at the very spot where I stopped. I particularly enjoyed my time in Morocco, there seemed to be an air of mystery and antiquity everywhere and it was a challenge for me to interpret it through my watercolors."

Robert Wade

Delivery in the Souk

Magical Town Square of Marrakech

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