The Carpets of Rassam Arabzadeh

Mr. Rassam Arabzadeh was born in Tabriz (Iran) in 1914. He was one of the apprentices of the great Master Kamalolmolk who began to weave carpets since he was 14 and revolutionized traditional carpet weaving art. He left Tabriz for Tehran to continue his studies at the School of Iranian Classical Arts.

See the carpets and how they are made on this video in Farsi here

Mr. Arabzadeh was highly skilled at painting, weaving rug, dying, music and calligraphy, but he centered on weaving carpet innovating pictorial carpets.
Throughout his lifetime Mr. Arabzadeh was so fond of his work that he could not bring himself to part with it. As his collection grew so did his desire to create a museum in order to bequeath his life times work to the people of Iran. Upon his death in 1996 all his carpets were made available for public viewing in a museum that houses all his work.

The year before the Rassam Arabzadeh Cultural Foundation was founded with a surface of 2000 m2. This building houses students trained by the master who not only pass his knowledge of capret weaving on, but whose members support women in need through their work.

A few of Mr. Arabzadeh's carpets were kept in the Louvre and Hermitage Museums at some point. You can read more about Mr. Rassam Arabzadeh here

The Rassam Arabzadeh Carpet Museum
Tehran, Pasdaran Ave., Boostan 1 St., No. 7
Tel: 2847911-13

Thank you to Mahwash for introducing me to this master and sending me the video.
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