Woman at Coal Heater

Woman at Coal Heater
Charles Wilda (Vienna, 1854 - 1907)

Artist: Charles Wilda
Title: Woman at Coal Heater/Frau am Kohlen Herd, 1893
Medum: Etching
Austrian Orientalist

Charles Wilda studied at the Academy of Vienna under Carl Muller. Charles Wilda was a frequent exhibitor at major expositions in both Berlin and Vienna from 1887 to 1906. Although primarily a painter, Charles Wilda created a number of fine Orientaliste etchings. This original etching entitled, "Frau am Kohleherd" was commissioned by the Viennese publisher, "Vervielfaltigende Kunst" in 1893. It is superb example of the Orientalist art created by Charles Wilda.

In the late nineteenth century a number of French, German and Austrian artists dedicated much of their work to the culture of North Africa and the Arab states. Following in the footsteps of Delacroix they were attracted to a culture that was both exotic and romantic. These artists were called 'Orientalistes'. Their paintings and prints introduced the West to the vital life, art and architecture of the near East.

Source: Vervielfaltigende Kunst, Vienna
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