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How to make Bandboxes

During Jefferson's time, silhouettes were a very popular form of portraiture. These boxes here were at one time for sale for about $125 per set, but the idea is simple enough and easily applicable.

I have these big huge folders of craft ideas that are in my art room in the garage just collecting dust and on my quest for interesting packaging ideas, I found this "How To" tutorial from Family Circle 1991 (I know... don't laugh! I am a pack rat! ~ but well organized! ~ and it has come in handy 17years later!)

Anyhow, I really think the term "

You feast with your eyes!

makes a lot of sense! So as a business women, competing with so many others who sell similar things, how do you stand out? By attention to detail and that includes packaging! I want my clients to feel that they are very special to me and that means that not only my product has to be top notch, but the presentation down to the shipping of the item.

There are plenty of ways to embellish your boxes and this just something to give ideas.

click on image to read Silhouette Bandbox Set


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