The Orientalist Gallery Site Guide

Katarzyna Branicka Countess Potocka 1854
Images Courtesy of Art Renewal Center

The Orientalist Gallery Site Guide

Right Column:

-Collection of Paintings by Orientalist Artists
Each name will lead to a seperate blog hosted by me, which has a collection of material relevant only to the mentioned artist.

- Orientalist Related Themes
Listing of paintings by subject
History about some of listed subjects

- Orientalist Related Shows and Events
Listing of museum exhibits, conferences, talks, etc.

- Book Review
Listing of on-line out of print book resources
Listing of new books

- Videos
Artist's work slide shows
Belly Dance videos
Oriental themed videos

- Subscribe
Sign up to receive complimentary notification of new posts

- Main Column
New posts about anything and everyhting related to Orientalist subjects from 19th century paintings, history and new events.

The Maharajah Duleep Singh 1854

Please be aware that this blog is constantly being updated as new material about a painting or the life of an artist emerges. Even old posts are revisited and updated!

This Blog has been visited by many people and I want to thank everyone who has become a reader and especially those who have left a comment or send me Emails.
I welcome any sort of contribution you can make to make this site a great research tool for those interested in Orientalism.
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