William Clarke Wontner English Academic Classical painter

Just found another work by Wontner to add to he collection. Enjoy ~

The Elegant Beauty

For me discovering the works of an artist who I am not familiar with, is like getting an unexpected gift. I get overjoyed at the discovery and start digging through the Internet to find as many images as possible. Then it's usually followed up by a couple of book orders to learn more about the artist and his methods, followed by tons of uploads to spread the word about the discovery.

Valeria Oil on Canvas Size 25 x 21.1 in

The Dancing Girl 1903
Oil on Canvas
Size 53.5 x 39.6 in. / 135.9 x 100.7 cm.

William Clarke Wontner was an English Academic Classical painter (born 1857 - died 1930)Most the paintings I have found so far are of beautiful women and it looks like there was an association with John William Godward, since their style seems very similar. As many artists of this era, Mr. Wontner also strayed into the Orientalist scene and was preoccupied with classical idiom.

The Persian Girl 1901 Oil on canvas 66 x 44 in

" Wontner was one of the minor painters who followed the neo-classical movement in England, of which Alma-Tadema was the foremost. He liked painting silhouettes of seductive women in classical or oriental surroundings, often leaning their backs against white marble walls. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1879, and at the Society of British Artists and the Institute of Painters in Watercolour. After the closure in 1890 of the Grosvenor Gallery (which had been the centre of the aesthetic movement of the 80's) and the rival of the very exclusive Royal Academy, Wontner, like many other artists, moved to the New Gallery.

One of his most beautiful paintings is Safie, One of the Three Ladies of Baghdad, who embodies typical oriental beauty as imagined by the Europeans. In this intricate and charming painting, the eye is drawn to the exquisite embroidered bolero, the translucent necklaces and the transparent silky, flowing fabrics of the ravishing young lady's attire. " Source: European Orientalists

The Turban

An Emerald Eyed Beauty

The Fair Persian

An Egyptian Beauty

Cyrene 1882

Lady of Baghdad 1900

The False God

The Turquoise Necklace 1914
50 x 19.49 in Oil on Canvas

The Bracelet 1914
50x19.49 in Oil on Canvas

Frederic William Henry Myers 1896 22.5x 18.5in Oil on Canvas

List of his Works:
* already listed

Beautiful Maiden
Beauty in Eastern Costume
Bracelet *
Cyrene *
Classical Beauty
Dancing Girl *
Egyptian Beauty *
Elegant Beauty *
Emerald-eyed Beauty *
Fair Persian *
False God *
Lady of Baghdad *
Lute Player
Pensive Moment *
Persian Girl *
Portrait of a Beauty in oriental Costume
Portrait of a Beauty
Portrait of Frederic William Henry Myers
Portrait of a Woman, standing three-quarter Length, in a yellow Dress
Toil, Glitter, Grime and Wealth on a Flowing Tide, after W.L. Wyllie
Turban *
Turquoise Necklace *
Valeria *
Willing Captive

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