Max Klinger German Symbolist Painter and Sculptor

Blaue Stunde

As promised here is my report on the December exhibit of Max Klinger at the Kunsthalle in Hamburg.

Max Klinger, a German Symbolist Painter and Sculptor (1857-1920) influenced many artist of his era with his images of Surrealism and Symbolism and that of the Jugendstiel. Klinger's Griffelkunst (hand drawings and prints) influenced such different artistic positions as that of Käthe Kollwitz and Edvard Munch, Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst and Paul Klee. Here you can read his



On exhibit were around 200 of his works, which compromised of 60 paintings and 12 sculptures. Among the more famous pieces were "Die Blaue Stunde" (The blue hour), " die Kassandra Bueste" (Bust of Kassandra) and many of his etchings.


Before 1886 he produced cycles of original and somewhat morbidly imaginative etchings, such as Deliverance of Sacrificial Victims Told in Ovid and Brahms-Fantasie. From 1886 to 1894 Klinger devoted himself primarily to painting, usually on a grandiose scale. After 1894 he worked predominantly in sculpture, his most successful medium.


I could not help but compare his painting style to the work of Maxwell Parrish. He has a way to use very high chromatic colors against more muted tones to create a vivid light effect. His black and white drawings on the other hand had a rather sinister feel to them and I did not really care for them.

The Dead Mother

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