Confessions of a Rescue Mom

Everyday when you listen to the news you get the feeling that the bad outnumbers the good. There are news about theft, shootings, rebellions, war and it seems everyone in the work just has gone bonkers. What you almost never hear of are the people who are devoting their time to do good. They give generously, they save lives, they organize and take on one good causes after another to improve the lives of others and make our world just a better place all together. 

I have found one such generous and kind souls and like to introduce you to her. Kimberly writes "Confessions of a Rescue Mom" and I have asked her to share a bit in her own words what she does:

Rescue is my favorite breed of animal. Ever since I was a young girl I had a love so strong for helping animals, as I got older I turned that love and passion into a mission, be a voice for those who do not have a voice. I had always liked helping our shelter by either donating our bottles, taking the dogs for walks, volunteering at events. As soon as we adopted Rolo I kicked it into overdrive and started getting wish list items for the shelter, collecting silent auction items, became a part of the board of directors for the FMSPCA in 2013 and hey I even competed in a beauty pageant where you can become an ambassador for the FMSPCA, which I raised $3500 alone for the FMSPCA. 

On March 11, 2013 I finally decided it was time to start an animal blog and that’s when “Confessions of a Rescue Mom” was born. Some may ask where my inspiration came from? It would have to be my dog Rolo who came from the Fort McMurray SPCA, hence making me a “Rescue Mom”. I always love to throw in stories or adventures on my blog about him and I. He is very special to me and we have an indestructible bond that we have created after many many months of work.

When I first started blogging I made it strictly about our animal shelter in Fort McMurray (The FMSPCA) but as my blog had grown so rapidly and has reached all over the world I decided to branch out and post about other shelter & rescues all over the world (if you are a rescue or shelter please take advantage and feel free to contact me for free promoting!). I have dedicated a specific day of the week to the Fort McMurray SPCA called “Adopt Me Monday” which features some of the animals up for adoption at the shelter. I usually go up there every Sunday to take candid photos of them. 

Why did I choose to support adoption over buying a pet from a pet store? As a small girl we had a dog name Sparky who was adopted, after having my childhood dog for 18 years we were separated and she went to the rainbow bridge. I had never had a bond that strong with anything else and had always wanted that again so I had always chosen adoption in hopes of finding that again. Well I found that bond again after adopting Rolo and I will continue in Sparky’s legacy to continue to adopt for as long as I live. Did you know that when you adopt from a shelter/rescue group, you’ll give an animal a second chance at finding a loving home AND you also save the life of the animal who takes their spot at the shelter, which might have previously been in a horrible situation. I do not agree with pet stores selling dogs & cats as sadly, most pet store puppies come from puppy mills where dogs are not bred for good health and temperament and where they are often raised in inhumane conditions. Please be sure to spay & neuter your animals to ensure you do not get an unwanted litter and keep the animal over population under control. There are so many healthy beautiful animals getting euthanized daily for these reasons. Adopt Don’t Shop!

Kimberley Matchem
Confessions of a Rescue Mom

You can find Kimberley Matchem here:
Confessions Of A Rescue Mom  - "Blogging About All Things Animal & Adoption"
Blog: Twitter: @RescueMomBlog

I hope you have enjoy reading about Kimberly and her reasons for rescuing dogs. It is thanks to such caring people like Kimberly that many dogs get a second chance and can live out their lives in loving and caring homes. Thank you Kimberly for sharing about yourself !

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