Growing Heirloom Zucchini

Zucchini is one vegetable that I often use in cooking, be it in a Persian Recipe of a Zucchini style Stew, or sliced in salads or even as Zucchini noodles in lieu of regular noodles or chopped up in omelets. Growing Zucchini is easy and I need to start planting asap!  Seeds take about 55 days to mature to a plant that has a dark and shiny skin. You should plant your seeds about 2 to 4 weeks after all danger of frost has passed. I like to buy organic & non-gmo heirloom seeds. Nimblenitecap whose photo I have featured above carries them. 

Zucchini when left unattended can become huge. Unless you want to feed the whole neighborhood, it is suggested to  pick the zucchini when it is about 3" for "baby" zucchini and 6" or 8" for all other uses. 

Planting Tips:


“Garden Table” is a soul-filled devotional to dirt lovers, garden daydreamers and the divine experience of outdoor cooking. It is full of garden lore, timeless planting tips, and recipes perfect for warm, summertime al fresco evenings. My starry–eyed adoration of lady bugs and tomatoes is obvious…as is my relentless prejudice against horn worms and well-meaning neighbors bearing plastic grocery bags loaded full of zucchini. 

Here are some more resources for you found on Etsy. Just click here to visit all the wonderful shops!

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