Gardening with Pots

Pots are a common staple regardless if you own a large garden or have plants on a balcony. Planted pots add such character and can give the garden a rustic, sleek, vintage and even whimsical look. 

Regardless where you garden, potted plants introduce interesting shapes, textures and colors that can act as great plant complements. If you visit any garden center in late spring, you are bound to found great low maintenance candidates for potting.  Egyptian star flowers (Pentas) , fragrant Zaluzianskya, globe amaranth, autumn sage and African daisies are great candidates.

If you are very crafty, this sculpture made entirely out of pots could be a great conversation piece at your next garden gathering. 

Sometimes the most dramatic effect can be achieved by selecting just one unique specimen of pant for a specific pot to make a visual statement. 


  • Choose large pots - at least 16 inches in diameter to reduce watering frequency
  • Fill your potd to within 3 inches of the rim with soil-less mix formulated for containers.
  • Combine plants with similar light and watering requirements.
  • Apply water-soluble organic fertilizer every 2 weeks
  • Move heavy pots with a cart to prevent back aches and pots getting damaged. 
  • Mix it up - plant plants with three different growing habits: pillars, fillers and spillers. Pillars go in the middle for height, fillers around the upright one and spillers, to spill over the rim.


  • Next to an architectural element, such as an arbor, gazebo or even a piece of furniture
  • By the entrance  - front door, gate, etc. 
  • On steps, by a path or atop a stone wall or pillar.
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