Can it be? Has fall finally arrived in southern California? We have had a super long summer this year and I am yearning for cooler weather. Just last week I jumped into the pool to find some relief from the oppressive heat. I think this was the first time that I actually used the pool in September! Anyhow, I am just happy that it is finally cooling down and that fall weather is ever so slowly creeping in. How cool is it where you are? 

Don't you love fall with all it's beautiful rich colors? I thought today I will share some of my favorite fall finds with you. I was wondering around at Target and spotted all sorts of great things for my home. Perhaps it will get you also into the mood to look for some fall decor for your home.  

Threshold Set of 3 Decorative Fall Figurines via Target

I love anything that has a natural look about it and when I spotted these Polyresin fruits that are made to resemble wood grain at Target and totally fell in love with them.  

This decorative handcrafted pumpkin - hued, putka pods wreath has amaranth leaves and combines subtle brown tones with apple green hues. It reminds me of the days, when as a teen,  I would walk in the woods gathering cool looking leaves and pines. Bringing in a bit of natural elements into a home adds such charm, don't you think?

Curb appeal is always important and in my book has to look inviting. Nowadays door mats come in so many cute designs that it is easy to spruce up an entry way with very little effort. Pfew, I am tired and think it's time for a Chai Latte. Then feet up and some more on-line browsing to see what my friends have done to decorate for the season. 

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