Natural and Safe Critter and Pest Control

Rabbit in Flower Bed

I am always on the look out for safe solutions to some of my gardening problems. Take for example the many rabbits who come and hop around my backyard. As much as I chuckle and love when I see them frolic around on the grass or slope, I don't care for constantly having to replace just bought plants.

So I found some great advice on Fine Gardening on how to keep rabbits at bay.

Sweet Gum Pods placed around the base of plants 

• Shake baby powder or flour on young seedlings and garlic powder on mature plants to make them unpalatable.

• Surround prized bushes or herbaceous plants with a thick planting of garlic and wormwood to offend rabbits’ discriminating sense of smell.

• Encircle plants with small branches of spiny holly leaves or the large, dried, prickly seed vessels of the sweet gum tree (

Liquidambar styraciflua

). The evergreen holly branches can be collected and used anytime. Gather the sweet gum pods in the fall, and store them in a dry area. In early spring, place them firmly in the soil surrounding the plants.


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