Garden Gnomes


Snow-white and the seven dwarfs is probably the best known story about the relationship between people and these little chubby cheeked mountain gnomes, that somehow have take over out yards. These small beings have been mentioned in stories and myths dating back centuries. Often these little men would be employed to work mines and Georgius Agricola (1494-1555) reported in a book about mineralogy that  small people were ideal to make their way through the narrow passages of newly constructed mines. Thus the inspiration for the story of these little mountain men in Snow White.

It takes roughly 10 days to manufacture a garden gnome out of clay. Then it gets fired, goes through a drying process and gets painted with the primary colors of red green yellow and blue. Now we can buy not only the little mountain men, but their female counterparts as well as other critters to populate our gardens with. I wonder is there a Gnome Simms ? They are the perfect candidates for world domination! LOL

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