Q: I would like to commission a portrait. What should I do first? ?

A: Visit the COMMISSION PORTRAIT page first and view how I create my portraits. Most of the information needed about the commissioning process can be found on that page. 

Q: What type of images should I send?  

A: Images that have not been resized are often of better quality.  Often when photos are emailed, they are automatically resized to make the file smaller. If this is the case, send only a few photos at a time, and try to override the 'reduce photo size setting'. This should insure that I receive the largest available size of  the original photo. The more photographs you can send the better. I choose one main photograph as my main reference photo, however I like to have others to refer to. It would be great if you could indicate which photograph best represents your loved one, and which you would like me to work from. Also let me know which depicts his/her true coloring. The better the quality of photograph,  the better the finished painting  will be. Photographs should be clear, in focus with the subject occupying the majority of the frame. Photographs showing subjects in the distance aren't usually good enough to work from. Check out my Creating a Timeless Portrait page for guidance.


Q:What's the difference between an Oil Portrait , a Mixed Media Portrait and a Digital Portrait?

A: My oil portrait are created in the traditional manner of the Old Masters. Each painting is created using a brush and artist grade oil paints on linen museum wrap canvas which will require framing.

Mixed Media portraits are hand painted as well using a variety of mediums and techniques ranging, from and not limited to ink, acrylics, oil mediums, etc.. Mixed Media paintings do not need to be framed since they are created on Gallery wrap canvas which is about 2 inch deep.

Digital Portraits are created using a stylus and tablet. The image can be either send to you as a high resolution file (i paint - you print) or printed on Gallery wrap canvas which is about 2 inch deep. 

See samples here


Q: How are backgrounds selected?  

A: Based on your homes color scheme, I try to come up with backgrounds that work well with the portrait and also fit well into the color scheme of the room where the painting will be displayed.  Why not have a look at my Portfolio page to give you an idea of what type of backgrounds can be painted. 

Q: How long will it take to complete a painting? 

A: Each painting comes with it's own challenges and depending on size and complexity can take from a couple of weeks up to six months. If you have a special date you require the portrait for, please let me know as soon as possible to see if I can get the painting done in time.  Oil portraits take much longer to create than Mixed Media paintings and therefore can take from 1 month up to 6 months depending on the size and complexity of the portrait. Mixed Media painting dry much faster and are usually finished within 3 to 4 week. Once I have seen your reference photos and  know the required canvas size, I will be able to give you a better completion date estimate.  If the portrait is intended for a special occasion, please let me know as soon as possible to see if this will fit within my schedule. 

Q: Can I see my portrait before you send it to me? 

A: Yes, once your portrait is finished I will send a photograph or email high resolution detail shots of the portrait for your approval. All portraits can also be viewed at various stages as they progresses on my blog.

Q: How much will my portrait cost?   

A: There are many options and you can view a detailed price guide of all of the mediums and sizes on the COMMISSION PORTRAITS page. If you would like to discuss your needs for other sizes not listed contact me for a quote.

Q: How do I pay?   

A: I offer a full secure online ordering. All major credit cards are accepted through my site or through Paypal.  

Q: What are Shipping Fees and who pays them?   

A: Shipping fees depend on the size and destination of your portrait. If you provide me with the address of the recipient of the painting ahead of time, I will gladly quote shipping rates ahead of time. Sometimes in transit accidents can happen, therefore all artwork is shipped insured. 

Q: How is the artwork sent?  

A: Artwork is securely packaged with bubblewrap and gallery standard packaging. Paintings are shipped either via United States Postal Service or Federal Express. Both are send with tracking numbers and require a signature upon delivery. 

Q: Can you help with framing?  

A: Yes! I can make recommendations for suitable frame designs and direct you to places that have nice selections. 

Q: Do you offer Gift Certificates?   

A: Yes, I have professionally printed cards with my artwork to give as gift certificates.  I can also create gift certificates which include photos of your loved one, plus a personal message from you to your  friends and family. Don't hesitate to contact me at any time for further information.

Q: Can I order prints of my painting for friends and family?  

A: I retain the reproduction rights to all of my original art work. Just as you retain the copyright to your photos , I retain the copyright to the artwork that is created from your photo reference. If you are looking to commission a piece of artwork for business use, please contact me to discuss your options. I also use Fine Art America,  a printing company who can produce high quality prints of your portrait at any time. Please visit my PRINTS page  for further information.

Q: Will you be displaying my painting on your website?    

A: Yes, all of my work will be displayed on my website, blog and social networking sites. To protect a clients identity I choose titles other than names for my portraits. If clients are unhappy about their painting being displayed on the website, they must let me know upon ordering.

Q: What is Pay What You Want?

A: Introduced in 2014 the principle is based on Gift Economy the client determines what they arable to pay for services rendered. Here are my reasons.

All Major Credit Cards are accepted.

All Major Credit Cards are accepted.