PEMOO Manicure Pedicure Drill Set MM-2500

Manicure and Pedicure Nail Machine Today's blog post is sponsored by MM-25000 Electric Nail Drill by PEMOO 

Although this Drill set is meant for Manicures and Pedicures  I like to share how I use this nifty tool. When I build 1/12 scale miniatures out of thin craft wood I have to do a lot of sanding and sometimes it is difficult to get into hard to reach places to smooth out the wood. I have a Dremel machine that I could technically use for this purpose, however I have mounted it to do other functions with it and needed something else for a quick sanding that would also be a more economical and an easy to handle option.

That's why I started to look into Manicure Nail Machines. The drill shaft tends to be smaller than a regular Dremel and with a unit like the MM-25000 Electric Nail Drill by PEMOO  you can easily change the rotation speed of the drill.

Accessories and Packaging

 Drill Set Pieces

The set comes in a large box filled with all the items you see above. I like that the unit already comes with 11 pieces of Nail Drill bits and Sanding bands. 


  • Easy to use dialing speed control - turn the knob and set to any speed desired for the project
  • Forward and Reverse Switch - an unexpected bonus that you would see on larger drills 
  • Up to 30, 000 RPM - this unit does not kid around the rotation speed is impressive
  • Quiet and Smooth without any vibration - The unit is not loud and the drill bits fit snuggly and do not vibrate
  • Comfortable grip - the drill itself feels solid and is comfortable to hold
  • Nail Machine stand included - not really necessary but a nice little bonus to have
  • Foot Pedal for handsfree operation - it would have been nice if the foot pedal adjusted the speed which it does not. However, if you need to use both hands to hold onto something for better control, you could set the drill into the holder and then use the pedal  while you move your piece around.
  • 110/220 dual voltage
  • One year Warranty


I like that I can change the drill speed to match the amount of sanding needed. The drill handle has a moderate weight and feels solid. Changing the drill bits is easy and can be done quickly. I wish that the pedal would adjust to different speed settings, but it basically just turns the drill on and off once you set the drill or buffer speed. Since I work on small furniture pieces I have found that the pedal does come in handy when I need both hands to hold onto a piece while I move it around the sander or buffer. 


I would give this unit 5 stars. It does what it promises and I would recommend it to my friends. 

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