Ice Skating

 statue with ice

What do you think when you see ice or a pair of ice skates? Does it bring memories of childhood back?



When I originally painted the painting of ice skates I was reminded of the days when I lived as a teenager in Tehran. In the wintertime, I would be driven to the Ice Palace, Tehran's only ice skating ring. It was a wonderful way to hang out with friends and challenge each other to daring maneuvers.

vintage skates

You realize that you are getting old when you not only do not figure skate out of fear that you might fall and break something, but also when you see that skates that were the hottest item when you were young are sold as vintage. The blue beauties are available via Etsy


Well if you still have charms from that era, you might enjoy this keepsake box that is now available in the store. It would also make a great gift for a young skater for Christmas.
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