Dog Christmas Tree Ornaments

Dachshund Tree Ornament

Dachshund Glass Ornament

This pawfect decoration deserves a spot on your Christmas tree this year. Several colorful dog ornaments with oodles of personality, how can you resist that little face? I love ornaments and as soon as I saw these dog Christmas ornaments I thought I need to add them to the store for my readers. 

Cocker Spaniel wit Antlers Ornament

Cocker Spaniel Glass Ornament

These ornaments are designed by Kurt S. Adler and sold via Amara. If interested just follow the link and see the available options and see if this item is on sale today.

Did you know that the 1st Christmas tree ornaments are thought to have originated in 16th century Germany? Those ornaments looked nothing like the glimmering ornaments we have today, rather they were of dried fruits, nuts and berries. 

Kurt S. Adler Glass Dog Ornaments Assortment

As the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree spread throughout Europe, the designs and options became more varied as well. Now we not only decorate our trees, but gift ornaments to friends and family as well. There are even those who collect ornaments based around one theme. Something to keep in mind when you are looking for a special gift for vets and dog sitters. To view my entire collection of Christmas ornaments click here.

Kurt S. Adler Glass Dog Ornaments

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