Big Irish Fair In Long Beach


Every year I make grand plans of joining a photography group in order to head out to local spots and to discover the on-goings in southern California. This year I have finally signed up with Meet Up and lined up a whole bunch of interesting outings. 

Super nice members  from the Travel Group 

Super nice members  from the Travel Group 

First on the list was the Big Irish Fair in Long Beach which took place June 14 & 15 at the Eldorado Park in Long Beach. The fair is the largest Irish Fair in the United States and is best known for the various Irish bands and dancers that perform. From Shepherding shows to harp and fiddle competitions, Irish wares and fare the two day event is a fund activity for those who love to walk around a park and be entertained and learn a bit about a different culture. 


There were over 1000 Step Dancers on 6 different stages dancing their hearts out for anyone willing to watch. I loved especially the junior group performances. The little ones had some fast foot work to show off and were just gliding around the stage in their pretty costumes. 


At the Big Irish Fair several artist were showing their artwork and crafts as well and you could purchase imported goodies from Ireland as well. 

Here are some more photos I took ~


I can't wait to go on my next expedition, there is so much to discover in southern California if you are willing to get in your car and do some little day trips. I will be sharing some more photos about Irish Civil War soldiers and Wolf Dogs, so make sure  to subscribe  so you won't miss the other photos. 

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