Sacred Lotus Tea Tumbler - An Incredibly Beautiful Tea Tumbler for Loose Leaf Tea Lovers

Sacred Lotus Tea Infuser

Todays' blog post is sponsored by Sacred Lotus Love, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for continuing to support brands that support me! 

Drinking tea, whether hot or cold is such a gratifying experience, especially if you are looking for more health conscience drink alternatives than a sugary soda. I like being able to buy different loose blend leaf teas and sometimes even blend my own to get teas that are refreshing without having to add any taste enhancers. 

Finding a tea tumbler that allows me to brew tea on the go was a great new way to really up my daily fluid intake. When I first ordered the Sacred Lotus tea Tea Tumbler I knew that I was getting a pretty looking tea tumbler, but what totally surprised me was the quality of this product. Let it be said I am not easily impressed, but this company knows how to package and market their products, which makes this tea tumbler the perfect gift item. I ordered my Tea Tumbler from Amazon and it arrived very well packaged. It was kind of like opening a Russian Nesting doll, package after package after layers of plastic wrapping revealed a beautiful cylinder that housed the actual Tumbler. The company really takes care to make sure that the glass tumbler does not break while in transit. I have received so many items for review in the past, where glass objects did not get this white-glove treatment and were simply tossed into a carton with some plastic pillows. Nothing to boast about, really! 

Sacred Lotus Tea Tumbler Specs

With this tea tumbler, you not only get a gorgeous double-walled borosilicate glass container with a screw on the bamboo lid but also a white protective travel sleeve that keeps your tea warm even longer and makes it easier to hold the Tumblr when it contains a hot liquid. The bottle has a pretty etched Lotus flower and the design is repeated on the sleeve as well. The Tumbler has a capacity of 15 oz 450 ml of liquid and keeps any liquid either warm or cold for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The glass bottom is reinforced as well, so you do not have to worry about easy breakage. 

Inside the Tumbler is a well-made 18/8 stainless steel infuser basket that you can remove to add your loose tea leaves to. It clicks into place after you put it back. The lid comes with a PBA free silicone sealant ring (by the way they send you two sealants) so that your tea can be steeped as you go, without leakage.

Sacred Lotus Tea Tumblr

Capacity: 15 ounces

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Everything about this brand is about quality. From it's beautifully made product to the care they take in packaging to their mantra of "Listen to your Soul" ~ a quote by Rumi.

I like using a glass Tumbler over a plastic one because it is more environmentally friendly and I do not have to worry about toxins leaking from plastic. Since Sacred Lotus Tea Tumblers are shipped in gift-ready packaging, this is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a well-made product with a beautiful design. I noticed that the brand also makes a more masculine looking Tumbler with a black sleeve that is equally beautiful. 

My sacred lotus tea tumbler

I made myself some hot Hibiscus tea and added a slice of a dried Orange and Tangerine. Yum ~ delicious! What I noticed right away was that I definitely needed the sleeve since the glass did get hot. Another thing to be cautious with is the strainer. You can leave it in the tumbler but when using it with a hot beverage you should let the beverage cool down a bit. The strainer can get hot and if you are on the go and forgot to take it out, you might have to bring a ziplock bag along. I left my strainer in and took sips as soon as the tea was no longer steaming hot. The double insulation kept the tea warm for a long time. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends. 

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