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Gardener's hands can get quiet a beating and if you are anything like me ~loving to get your hands dirty, rough hands are a given.

This is why I love to use natural soaps. While I rinse off my tools, I also wash my hands before heading inside. It is a nice way to finish off my gardening time, clean up and have the lingering scent of botanical - other than dirt of course ~ on my hands.My favorite is anything that has lavender in it, but I have been known to stray and go for Olive as well.

Rosemary Lavender Soap

Northwest Goods makes these Rosemary Lavender soaps which are scented with rosemary and lavender essential oils and colored with ground rosemary. I have always wondered how these lovely soaps are made and to my delight received a crash course in soap making from April.

The ingredients used in handmade soap are critical to creating a quality product. Each oil contributes to the moisturizing, lathering, and hardness of the soap. I use only essential oils and natural colorants as well.

We make soap in small batches by mixing sodium hydroxide and water with our heated oils until they thicken. Once we pour it into the mold, the soap needs to set for at least 48 hours. We hand cut each bar then the soap must cure for a minimum of three weeks before using. We make natural soaps using nourishing plant oils, pure essential oils, and ground botanicals. Our soap recipe consists of olive, coconut, palm, and apricot kernel oils mixed with filtered water, sodium hydroxide, essential oils, and natural colorants.

I am delighted to say that Northwest Goods is offering a free soap sample to my readers. Just leave a comment on this post and I will announce the lucky winner by March 16th!

Garden at Giverny, by John Leslie Breck
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