Must Haves for a Fun Tea Party

Tea Time is not only a favorite past time of the British! A fun tea party is a great excuse for everyone who loves a good brew to spend some quality time in the company of friends. A tea party can be as simple as a self-serve station, set up with a box of tea bags and a few cookies to a more elaborate themed set up.  In case you have missed it, this hostess is an artists and simple set ups are really not my thing. I love to go with themes and color coordinate just about everything.


A tea party should make your guests feel extra special the minute they park their car to head to the front door. Greet them with a banner or some lovely flowers, like these paper flowers from Whimsypie placed by the door. It is a nice way to set the tone for what's to come.

Of course if you have given some thought to your tea parties color theme , setting a pretty table is a must . Now some have fancy china and some might have fancy china they are just sort of sick of looking at and some might wish they had fancy china....Heck, some might just be too lazy to use china all together! So, don't fret over the issue, instead I look at what you already have in the cupboards and decide on how you can make an expensive impression with very little effort. Sometimes just adding a new table cloth, some fancy looking napkins or an inexpensive plate or cup, might be enough to add some pizazz to your chosen color theme. These dishes are from my shop, no fancy china here, but they look pretty and can set the mood for your table setting if you are into romance via notes and flowers. 

Once the decorating is done, it's time to wau guests with cool finds. Forget the boxed stuff you find at every corner bakery. Do your homework ahead of time and order some special treats that are also conversation pieces. These cookies here are so beautiful that I am sure some of your guests might want to take some home for "show and tell". Have you ever seen pink sugar cubes?! I have not - now how cool are these?

Oh boy, this post is getting mighty long and I still have not talked about tea! Keep in mind that some people like caffeinated teas and some adore aromatic teas. Offer a variety of tea bags and place them in a decorative box. Then have some hot water on hand and also brew up a special blend that you favor. This allows your guest to sample a variety of teas as they sip, savor and relax. I love Coconut Pouchong by Golden Moon, its a very light green tea that smells heavenly!

Lastly after hours spend munching and sipping, send your guests home with a tasty reminder of your tea time. Pack a little "tea time favor" especially for them. It can be as easy as printing these lovely tea bag pouches and allowing your guest to take home their favorite tea bag!

Some of my favorite Etsy picks - just click images to visit the shops. Pin for later reference :)

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