A Pastel Colored Kitchen

There comes a time that no matter how much you love your kitchen, you get tired of living with the same look. I am seriously planning on redoing my kitchen and have been looking for ideas. On my search I came across pastel colored kitchens and loved what Merle M. from TroedelHouse did. In this kitchen you can see how old second hand store finds have been spruced up with paint, like the big hutch. THe homeowner also added some retro, pastel colored kitchen supplies that give this kitchen a very cozy and fun feel. 

Kitchen from Living etc. magazine

As you can see the colors used are pale yellows, turquoise, off white, pink and mint green. The feel is retro, circa 50's style. Since I was working on a new design for Valentine's Day and worked with a pastel colored heart design, I thought you might enjoy seeing how you can accesories a pastel colored kitchen with an entire line of dishes that do not necessarily have to break the bank.


Everyone can use a mug and filled with some candied hearts these make great gifts. I also like hanging several mugs on a mug tree (is that what those things are called?! )

This 10.75" diameter decorative Porcelain Plate looks beautiful on a wall or table top. The design also comes on Melanine plates

The design for this versatile tray is printed in full color on high quality hardboard panel with glossy finish. Of course no kitchen is complete without some stellar looking kitchen appliances. 

Picture from Art, Heart and Home.

I have seen some pastel colored kitchen items at Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's . The turquoise really pops, doesn't it?!

And of course if you have room in the kitchen don't leave out the walls. Empty wall space can be filled with shelves or nice artwork that ties everything together. 

View more gifts at Zazzle.

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