Zarafina Tea Maker

Zarafina Tea
© Enzie Shahmiri

My husband and I like to drink a cup of tea every evening. Sometimes we choose Green Tea other times it's Earl Grey or some other fancy mix. But with all the different brewing times for white vs dark, loose vs bag, it was a hit and miss until I bought the 6-ounce electric Zarafina Tea maker. This lovely tea brewer is stylish enough that you want to leave it on your counter top and makes brewing various teas easy with it's different brew times.

Zarafina Tea Settings
© Enzie Shahmiri

What I like best about it that it has taken away the guess work about brewing time. All you do is slide the marker to the desired brew setting and the machine auto dispenses when the optimum brewing time has been achieved. A perfect cup each time!

Tea Cup
© Enzie Shahmiri

Oh and the stylish ceramic teapot, 2 tea cups, and serving tray come with the purchase of the tea maker!

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