Persian Samovar with Bowl

A samovar is a household appliance with a long and rich history. In Iran and Russia, like many Asian countries, tea drinking is common but also an activity that can take on an almost ceremonial feel.

Persian Samovar with Pitcher

In an Iranian household the Samovar gets turned on in the morning and continuously stays on until it's bed time. The tea is always steaming hot and ready to be served at any given moment.

Samovars are functional and very decorative. I collect samovars and have them on display throughout my home. I use the golden one whenever I have a large group of friends over.


The samovar has a large cavity that is filled with water which then is heated to provide the water for the tea. Unlike a tea kettle that can boil over, once you fill the cavity with water and turn it on, the samovar does not have to be attended too.

I have an old Russian Samovar which has works with both hot coals or electricity.


Image Source: Enzie Shahmiri

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