What to Look for in a good Sun Hat

Large brimmed sun hat

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Sun hats come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Sometimes the choices are so many that it becomes difficult to choose just one. I suffer from sunspots and have to wear a sun hat that offers the most protection. Because of that reason, I decided to do some research into what to look for in a good sun hat.

A hat should be chosen depending on how much time you are going to be spending in the sun and whatever your level of activity is.

So let's look at some basic ideas about what type of sun hat offers good overall protection:

  1. Size
  2. Shape
  3. Color
  4. Material 
  5. Foldable Hats
  6. Straps

Large brimmed summer sun hat

1. Size

hat should sit comfortably. Choose a hat that has a hatband that can be adjusted. The hat should not fit too loose or too tight and having an adjustable sweatband not only keeps sweat dripping into your eyes when it gets super hot but can be adjusted to sit well throughout the day. If you find that your hat left a red line on your forehead you are wearing too tightly and if it flies off every time you move it is probably too loose.

2. Shape

I prefer choosing a hat that has either a large brim or a flap that can protect my neck.  A hat that has too small of a brim might look very cute, but on very sunny days will not protect you from getting a nasty sunburn on your neck. 

3. Color

In general, the lighter the color of the hat the more heat will be reflected away from your hat. However, a hat with a dark color under brim is cooler than light colors. Here it is a good place to point out that light reflects and the harmful UV lights can still bounce off sand and other things. Therefore beside wearing a hat, you should still put sunscreen on for additional protection.

4. Material

According to the American Cancer Society, hats that are made of woven fabric generally provide more protection than straw or canvas hats.

5. Foldable Hats vs. Stiff Hats

I like a foldable hat that I can easily put in my handbag when I step into a restaurant or no longer need to wear one. With a foldable, easy to pack a hat, you won't have any excuse not to wear one when you are in the sun. 

Hat with bow

6. Straps

A strap is a good thing to have when the wind picks up. It will keep your hat in place. If there is no strap buy a hat that has a ribbon that can be threaded through the hat and tightened under your chin. 

I own several different hats. Some are strictly for gardening and are generally in a darker color. I like to be able to wash those hats because they quickly get dirty. When I go out I have an assortment of different colors and pick the one that is best suitable for the activity.

This brings me to my latest hat from Genevoga. I was asked to try the hat out and offer my opinion about it. The Genevoga sun hat is a large brimmed foldable sun hat that is sold in white with different colored ribbons to choose from. The hat has a cute alloy trimmed heart so that the ribbon can be threaded through.

heart on hat

I like the bold colored green ribbon and the fact that I can easily thread my own small scarves through the opening as well.  When the hat came it had a crease in it. I placed some heavy books on it and that flattened the brim out. I think this is a great hat when you are going to a restaurant or will be spending time at the beach. Since it is white I would not be doing heavy gardening in it.

The hat has an adjustable sweatband and fits very well. The brim is quite large and as you can see in the photo above covers my neck very well. If you like to comparison shop you can find the Genevoga hat on Amazon https://amzn.to/2ManfZI

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