What are Leg Gaiters and How to Put Them On

What are Leg Gaiters and How to Put Them On

winis hiking gaiters

Gaiters are a type of protective covering worn over the shoe and lower pants leg, and used primarily to keep your feet dry and protect them from exposure. In the old days gaiters were made of leather, but although very sturdy leather was also rather bulky and heavy. Today, gaiters are commonly made of breathable, plasticized synthetic cloth such as polyester that is water repellent as well. 

Gaiters today are made of such a lightweight material that you can hardly tell you are wearing them. They are great to wear when you are hiking off trail, to protect your ankles and lower legs from sticks, rocks and other trail debris. They are also great when you have to walk or ski through snow and keep your pant legs dry.

winis snow gaiters

I also love to wear them when I am gardening. A couple of times a year, I have to cut back shrubs and hedges and all those branches and thorns have done a number on my bare legs in the past. Here in southern California it is often too warm to wear long pants, especially when doing heavy yard work, but that also means that legs are exposed while working with yard debris. My solution was to wear Gaiters!

 What to look for in the right #LegGaiter

1. Breathable, lightweight fabric

2. Adjustable straps

3. Upper and lower leg adjustable straps

4. Velcro or zipper closure to put them on and off fast 

5. Should have a catch hook

If you have never put on Gaiters before here is a good video that shows you how to do it.

I have ordered the Winis Snow Gaiters Hiking Camping Mountain Climbing Leg Gaiters from Amazon and like the way they look and feel. They have all the things that Gaiter should have for a good fit. They even come with a nice mesh bag for storage and to carry them around. 

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Product Details

Specification: Material: 600D Anti Tearing Oxford Cloth Folding size: 8.66*8.66 inches Expanded size: 19.69*17.52 inches Upper Circumference:18.90 inches; Bottom Circumference:14.96 inches; Middle Circumference:17.72 inches Weight: 250g Package includes: 2 pcs Leg Gaiters 1 pcs Storage Bag

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