The Surviveware Credit Card Tool

The Surviveware Credit Card Tool


Surviveware is sponsoring today’s post, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*ad

The Surviveware Credit Card Tool is made from quality stainless steel and is surprisingly strong for how thin it is. I ordered this at a discounted rate for review purposes to see how well it does what it promises. I love gadgets and this Surviveware credit card tool does so much for how small it is! It so so small that it fits into your wallet, ready for when you need it. Sometimes we forget how quickly a screwdriver will come in handy.



  • Bottle Opener
  • Cellphone Stand
  • Screwdriver 
  • Peeler
  • Can Opener
  • Box Opener
  • Letter Opener
  • Measure in cm and inch 

A Swiss Army Knife Transformed
You can't carry knives as check in luggage, but this tool is TSA approved. With so many functions it's essentially a Swiss Army Knife, but it's flat and has 18 useable tools around its edges.

Don’t be the guy who forgot the bottle opener on a picnic
Have you ever tried to open a bottle when there is no opener around? Save your teeth and pop any bottle with ease.

mutli purpose survive tool

Surviveware Multi Purpose Credit Card Tool
A Great Backup Tool

While it’s true that this tool is not the only tool you will ever need, it comes in handy when you find yourself needing a quick backup to get the small jobs done.

Christmas is around the corner… This makes the perfect gift and stocking stuffer for the whole family

If you like to comparison shop this item is sold via Amazon

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