The Pretty VeeFine 20oz Tumbler

 Veefine Tumbler

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I am very pretty when it comes to my tumblers since I use them everyday when I am working in my studio. It is important that the Tumbler keeps my beverages hot or cold for a long time and also has a shape that is not only spacious, but also easy to hold. Cleaning has to be easy as well. 

Holding Veefine Tumbler

This brings me to my new 20oz 18/8 Stainless Steel VeeFine tumbler. I requested to review this tumbler because I noticed that the outer wall of the tumbler is not completely flat. I often wear gloves when I paint and sometimes getting a good grip can be a bit challenging.

insulated tumblr

The outer-wall of the VeeFine Tumbler have an elegant indentation so you can have a better grip. The company even stated that the outer wall is sweat free, by which I understand that there won't be any condensation build up. This too helps to have a better grip when picking up and holding the container. 

veefine tumblr

Veefine Specks 2

Veefine Tumblr lid


The food-grade silicone rubber ring around the lid allows for a good vacuum seal to assure that there is no temperature loss. The clear colored lid has a snap-lid for easy removal of the  lid and a sliding closure tab ( black) . The sliding lid made is made with BPA Free Tritan material, which according to the manufacturer is a safer choice compared to traditional PE material. The slider moves with just enough resistance to avoid accidental opening. I had not issues with leakage when I placed the tumbler on it's side. The drinking area has a rounded opening where you could insert a disposable straw, if you are inclined to do so. 

Tumbler colors

I ordered my 20oz ( 592ml) tumbler in blue, but the tumbler can also be ordered in 16 oz and in coral, teal and red. 

Veefine tumbler opening for ice

This tumbler has a 3.54 inch diameter opening, which is great for adding ice to your cold beverages. For testing purposes, I filled my tumbler with ice and was amazed that the beverage was super cold 24 hours later when I opened up the lid. There was even still ice inside which means that the insulation really is well made. 

I always rinse my tumblers with hot water before filling them up with hot drinks. The double-wall insulation also kept my coffee hot for almost 5 hours, warm for 7 hours and semi warm after 24 hours.

dishwasher safe

The  tumbler can be washed in the dishwasher or hand-washed with a soft brush. The manufacturer does not recommend abrasive cleaning products since it could harm the powder coating. 

Veefine Tumbler

The VeeFine Tumbler is available via Amazon


My overall thoughts are that I absolutely love the design and function of this tumbler! I have several tumblers and this one is my new favorite since it gives me a better grip than my traditional round tumblers. The blue powder coating with it's lovely design is just gorgeous.The 20oz size is perfect, not too large and not to small. For those looking for a size comparison consider that the  Venti at Starbucks is about 20oz compared to a grande which is 16oz. I love being able to take my tumbler to Starbucks and have them fill up my drink rather than using paper or foam containers.





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