Adventure Collection

The Adventure Collection Leather Goods

Adventure Collection

The adventure collection leather goods are part of Zazzle Heart, an initiative that aligns the nonprofit organization Ubuntu, which works directly with Kenyan makers, with the reach and impact of Zazzle. As part of this collaboration, Zazzle worked closely with a small community of Kenyan artisans, including Maasai tribeswomen, to create these lovely, handcrafted pieces.

Each of the seven products is beautifully handcrafted in Kenya and then can be customized with one of my paintings or a design submitted by you to yield a completely personalized, laser-etched heirloom product suitable for the most adventurous of consumers. The seven products included in the collection are:

Phone Cases

Ubuntu Leather Phone Case

Here is an example of my painting "Young Buck" that I added to the leather case to give you an idea what the case looks like with an image.



Travel Journals


Travel Journal

Leather Tote Bags

leather tote bag


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