Super Bright Portable COB LED Camping Lantern

#BYlight #sponsored

#BYlight #sponsored

Having a reliable light source available when you are camping or faced with an emergency is important. I liked my first solar lantern so much that I asked to review the BYB 2nd Generation Collapsible Emergency Lantern as well, which is water resistant as well.  The lantern is about the size of a can and has foldaway handles, which makes it great for carrying as part of your camping gear and for easy storage. It is powered by 3 AA alkaline batteries (not included) and gives off about 300 lumens of super bright light. When walking at night it seemed to cast a light of about 12 feet. To adjust the intensity of the light you move the canister top  up and down. Fully extended you get all the brightness the lantern has to offer. 

The foldaway handles are great because they are made in such a way that you can hang the lantern off just about anything. 


I ordered the lantern at a discounted rate via Amazon and think it is a great item to have for camping and emergencies. 

2016 2nd Generation, BYB Super Bright Portable COB LED Camping Lantern, Collapsible Emergency Flashlight for Preserving Your Night Vision, Lightweight and Water Resistant $12.99 $35.99 BYBlight